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Now Is The Time

To Invest

In Real Estate


Our mission is to create a community of like-minded investors and people from all areas of Real Estate to come together to connect, support and encourage each other in a friendly environment. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out and getting ready to make your first deal we want all experience levels to feel welcome. 


We encourage members to ask questions and seek advice or share recent deals and accomplishments and inspire others to do the same. We want to discuss the everyday ins and outs of being a landlord ( the good and the challenging), finding deals, connecting with local tradesmen, staying up to date on local laws and codes as well as staying current on the city of Syracuse and exciting growth and development news. 


We will be having a monthly meeting at the Second Chance Diner with a keynote speaker. Each meeting will be sponsored by a local business and refreshments will be provided. The meeting will also be streamed live for our out of town investors. A timeline for each meeting will be posted on the website as well as social media. There are no fees associated with being a member. 

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Our Team

Who We Are

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Frank Procopio

I primarily practice buy/hold investing but, also do a handful of multifamily flips a year. Currently own over 50 units and am in the process of growing my portfolio. My current focus with my portfolio is on single family homes within the city of Syracuse.  I prefer to purchase distressed properties and rehab them. For my day job I am Real Estate Broker and the owner of Procopio Real Estate. I represent clients from all over the world with various real estate interests in central New York. I have specialized in investment property as well as management for over 15 years. I often have access to off market properties due to my ties within the local market. Real Estate is my passion and I love discussing it.

Kata Walters

I grew up in New Zealand and have lived in the US for 10 years. I have been investing in Real estate since late in 2016 and my portfolio consists of a mix of single-family, multifamily and small mixed-use commercial for a total of 22 units and counting all in the Syracuse NY market. I'm a full-time real estate investor and semi-retired model, a career I have held for the past 21 years. As

an out of state investor myself (I currently live in Jersey City after moving from NYC) I try to help as many new investors as I can and use my youtube channel The Model Investor to share my experiences in the hope I can inspire others to take their first steps towards earning passive income through Real Estate.

If I can do it? Anyone can!

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